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Clear the Clutter in Your Home;
Store it at Bronco Mini Storage

Whether you are selling your current home or you have just run out of space, Bronco Mini Storage is the place to store your extra belongings. We serve customers from the Niagara region and beyond, and for many of them our household storage solutions are a great fit for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Selling your home? Make it more presentable by opening up space.

  • De-clutter the basement. Store your extra furniture and seasonal items.

  • Use Bronco Mini Storage for temporary storage while you’re in between residences.

  • Free up your garage for your car! No more getting into an ice cold car; no more frozen windshields.

  • Store your seasonal toys–sports and recreation equipment (golf, hockey, baseball, volleyball, skis including Sea-Doos®, snowmobiles, canoes, four wheelers).

We can sell you the supplies to get your household goods packed and ready to move. If your household needs necessitate some extra storage space, or you just have a few questions, contact us today.

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